DESMO LEANINGS was US Desmo's quarterly magazine which featured articles by members and about members' Ducatis, member experiences, technical info, and stories and recaps about US Desmo events.

US DESMO Leanings will now not be published as a printed piece except for the winter issue which is the US DESMO calendar featuring high quality photos of member’s Ducatis. The sooner you submit your motorcycle to Il Capo for consideration, the more chance you’ll get a month!

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Check in here to view or download past issues in Adobe Acrobat format. Click on a cover for the complete issue. These are large files and will take a while to load or download!


USDESMO Leanings Spring 2003US DESMO Leanings Summer 2003US DESMO Leanings Fall 2003US DESMO Leanings Winter 2003


US DESMO Leanings Spring 2004US DESMO Leanings Summer 2004US DESMO Leanings Fall 2004US DESMO Leanings Winter 2004


US DESMO Leanings Spring 2005US DESMO Leanings Summer 2005US DESMO Leanings Fall 2005US DESMO Leanings Winter 2005


US DESMO Leanings Spring 2006US DESMO Leanings Summer 2006US DESMO Leanings Fall 2006US DESMO Leanings Winter 2006


USDESMO Leanings Spring 2007US DESMO Leanings Summer 2007US DESMO Leanings Fall 2007US DESMO Leanings Winter 2007


USDESMO Leanings Spring 2008USDESMO Leanings Summer 2008USDESMO Leanings Autumn 2008USDESMO Leanings Winter 2008


USDESMO Leanings Spring 2009USDESMO Leanings Summer 2009USDESMO Leanings Autumn 2009USDESMO Leanings Winter 2009


USDESMO Leanings Spring 2010USDESMO Leanings Summer 2010 USDESMO Leanings Autumn 2010 USDESMO Calendar 2011


USDESMO Leanings Spring 2011USDESMO Leanings Summer 2011 USDESMO Leanings Autumn 2011 USDESMO Calendar 2012


USDESMO Leanings Spring 2012 USDESMO Leanings Summer 2012 USDESMO Leanings Autumn 2012 USDESMO Calendar 2013


USDESMO Calendar 2014USDESMO Calendar 2015USDESMO Calendar 2016USDESMO Calendar 2017US Desmo 2018 CalendarUS Desmo 2018 Calendar

Do you have a Ducati drool-worthy enough to be included in our 2020 calendar? Take some high resolution pictures (or hire a photographer!) and submit them to Jim Calandro at You can also contact him for more information on advertising rates and sponsorship opportunities.