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In 2003, The Ducati Owners Club of Canada (DOCC) Southeast Region undertook a metamorphosis and emerged as “US DESMO INC.” This separate charter was formed by Jim Calandro, the past DOCC Southeast Regional Representative, with assistance from Clyde Romero and Bob Lattanzi.

US DESMO is a gathering of rider enthusiasts whose common interest is to promote Italian motorcycles on the road and on the track, safely. The clubs initial efforts were in the Southeastern United States. There are now four area rallies, two track days and two 2 day track weekends. More adventures are planned for the future. Please revisit this web site for more information on membership, the magazine, discounts with area dealers, rallies, track days, and other events to come. We always welcome like-minded riders, members and volunteers!

If you wish to join US DESMO, you may use this Adobe Acrobat application form. If you have questions and comments contact Jim Calandro at capo@usdesmo.com

USDESMO dues and renewals are $30 per calendar year. Join now!

Mark your calendars now!

Event Schedule 2019

Motori Italiani

March 30, 131 Main Restaurant, Matthews, NC
(Joint event with CAFE, the Charlotte Ferrari club)

Twenty-fifth Annual Ducks Along The Blue Ridge Rally (DABR)

May 3-5, Mount Airy, North Carolina

Third Annual Ducks in the Shenandoah Valley (DSV)

May 31-June 2, Wytheville, Virginia

Fourteenth Annual Ducks Head West Rally (DHW)

August 2-4, Erwin, Tennessee

Twenty-fourth Annual Ducks Fly South Rally (DFS)

September 20-22, Murphy, North Carolina

Barber Vintage Festival

October 3-6, Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds, Alabama
(Not an official US DESMO event but still great fun!)

Details to come...

Links to details, registration forms and fliers will be available on the US Desmo events page.

New Partnership Opportunities!

US DESMO is always looking for ways to increase the number of events that our members can participate in. Cornerspeed has, for many years, run the track days for one of our sister clubs, Mid Atlantic Ducati (MAD). They jointly hold two day track events at VIR, one in the spring and one in the fall. Aaron Stevenson the owner of Cornerspeed has opened up the event to US DESMO members for the same cost as the MAD club.

US DESMO will extend the same benefit to MAD members and Cornerspeed customers.

For 2019 we are planning on investigating a sharing of events so both clubs can have track days that have adequate participants to preserve the events for our clubs. As we develop a plan we will pass the word along.

Jim and Clyde


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If you have questions and comments contact Jim Calandro at capo@usdesmo.com.

If you wish to join US DESMO, you may use this Adobe Acrobat application form.

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